The Cush Center for Learning, Inc. wants to pay teachers

I love the work teachers do. They are the reason our students are learning, each day, so why are they overstressed and underpaid? Well, it is because they are not given the respect they deserve. I read a lot of articles about good teachers versus bad teachers, but what I do not see is how to begin respecting our teachers. All teachers have stresses, and some of them simply boil down to disrespect, whether it is from administration, government, colleagues, and of course, students, it occurs. I have decided teachers need to be rewarded, they are on the front lines of the educational journey for many youth, and they need to be respected for dealing with all levels of academic changes and student concerns.

As part of The Cush Center for Learning, Inc., I will have my after-school programs for STEM, and we will have great tutors to help with reinforcement of the STEM subjects, but what we need are teachers to volunteer their time and work with our kids too. I do not wish for teachers to do this gratis, as they often buy their own school supplies and make their own copies and all because they are passionate about education, so I will give all certified teachers, who offer their services to The Cush Center for Learning, Inc. a stipend for doing just that. There is no reason why they must leave work, and help my center out, and not be compensated. I will see to it, that they get their just rewards. I find no reason why this cannot happen or shall not happen, so let’s support The Cush Center for Learning, Inc. today, so I can make that happen. In addition, I will garner the grant money to ensure this endeavor is everlasting, for future teachers who come to help us out. I believe in paying things forward in society, and it starts now.




So, do we need diversity in STEM…or is it already there?

Periodically, I come across articles stating the STEM fields are not diverse, and that they need to be. I find diversity in STEM is right before the eyes of every teacher, from K-12, in addition, to those on the university level. However, the issue is who continues to support those young diverse minds, when they fall behind their less diverse counterparts? The answer is, the teachers and the schools should step in, but that is not always the case. As a result, those young minds become dormant, and they do not receive the supplementary enrichment that is needed to succeed.

If we are to really invest in diversity we need to invest in organizations like The Cush Center for Learning, Inc. and Harlem Children’s Zone and other non-profit companies that help encourage diversity, and foster education among the underserved. I welcome your continued support for The Cush Center for Learning, Inc. Without it we lose diverse young minds in the STEM fields, and with that will go innovation. Now do we have time for that, I do not think so.