The Cush Center for Learning, advises you to forget the naysayers

The other day, I posted an article on LinkedIn discussing that I will give all certified teachers, who volunteer their services to The Cush Center for Learning, Inc. a stipend for doing just that. This is my method of showing teachers respect and paying it forward to our educators. The Cush Center for Learning will have after-school programs to assist students towards success in the STEM subjects; also we will have great tutors to help students who need the extra assistance to meet their academic needs.

I got a lot of responses on my topic, some good and some off-tangent, but overall, I learned a lot. Nevertheless, I had a naysayer in the audience; he felt to write me and say my concept is “loaded” and that I need to write about other things, like early childhood education, as he feels it will garner more support for TCCFL.

While I thanked him for his opinion, I felt the need to say this, I write for me, and my initiatives, period. I am of the belief once something is written, you take what you can from that commentary, and then that is it. There is no need to critique an individual’s comments or opinions, as it is absurd. As per, the U.S. Constitution First Amendment we have “…the freedom of speech, or of the press…” as citizens, thus I do not need to alter my articles for the masses. I simply write about topics I find interesting and share them with you all. My articles are for all to read, whether it is applicable to an individual’s particular story or belief system is not why I write, or why anyone truly writes.

My father, I.K. Cush, is a self-published author and journalist (he wrote for the international magazine, New African) and he writes what he is passionate about, and so I do the same. That is the spirit of freedom of speech and the press. I am not interested in anyone using social media to insult another or to behave in an unsupportive manner of another’s initiatives. As the founder of this company, I implore you to ignore naysayers, as it is often the case, once they have not succeeded or reached a lot of support in their personal endeavors, they will attack those who have.

Keep persisting, writing and articulating your voice to others, it will serve to have your ideas come to fruition, and you’ll be more successful overall. Take constructive criticism, to help you, but I ignore those who, as Barbara Streisand sang in Funny Girl “Rain on my parade!”




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