“You don’t have to like me, but you will respect me”

I was checking my e-mails this morning, and came upon a comment from a naysayer, in regards to my vision for The Medical Pledge initiative I am working on and The Cush Center for Learning, Inc. I will not get into specifics, but as you can imagine, it was unsupportive. I will say this, and reiterate always, you must forget the naysayers. They always exist, as they are the ones afraid of something new, different and innovative. They are the ones who keep society regressing, instead of progressing. I believe in the mission of both The Medical Pledge and The Cush Center for Learning, Inc., very strongly.

For every doctor, who does not believe in the concepts behind The Medical Pledge, he or she is entitled, as we cannot all think the same, but you must respect it. I had to bear witness to physicians struggling to keep their practice open, due to low patient volume, physicians struggling to make payroll, keep their utilities on and worried about fines from the U.S. Government, if they did not turn their paper-medical records system, over to EHR. I witnessed physicians double-booking patients, just to make money, at the end of the night, when doing their numbers, this is a reality, a harsh one, but nonetheless true. For every doctor who ignores The Medical Pledge, an entity, which can only help support your business, in the long run, that is unfortunate, but again you are entitled to your opinion. The fact remains; physicians of today cannot afford to keep open private practices, due to all of the above reasons I have mentioned. Physicians of today need to work longer, to make financial ends meet, I do not want to enter a broken healthcare field, I love becoming a physician, I love the journey, and I respect the struggle, but I cannot respect, not being able to make ends meet upon becoming a doctor. I feel  the healthcare system is broken, it needs help, but not without the support of the healthcare community. I believe in The Medical Pledge, it can and will work, and naysayers are the reason why I never give-up.

Students must focus on their studies; they must be rewarded for volunteering their efforts within the community, not struggling to look for jobs, and making grades. Doctors should have patient flow, which can support their practices and skill sets. They should not struggle to seek patients. There are more than enough citizens who need help. We must bridge the gap between the private insurances and Medicaid, so that doctors can benefit from serving all socioeconomic groups, should they choose to. We must allow doctors to garner financial support to maintain their industries. This is not a farce, it takes time to evolve the concept, but it will happen. Support is what brings this to light, naysayers give it ammunition to grow, and my passion behind my initiatives, keep them alive. Therefore, I implore you all to support and forget the naysayers. I implore you all to consider the future of healthcare, which if we do not prepare today, will be a disservice to those on this journey, tomorrow.

I refuse to believe race is a reason, why I garner some naysayers, but I am not ignorant to fact that it can be, it only drives me to reach out to many more, than anyone can imagine. I have said and will continue to say, do not ascribe race to this, if you do not support the mission, then so be it, but do not work against positive concepts, because it is not generated by someone of a like race, please check your prejudice at the door.

I will help others, to ensure opportunities exist to help decrease citizen medial debt, which is needed, help physicians who are struggling, which is needed, and to make sure our students have financial support, which is needed. Thus it is only with support and awareness that these initiatives succeed. As the late Steve Jobs said, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.” I know that I can, so therefore I will.




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