We All are Physicists!

In the game, Angry Birds, by Rovio, the goal is to attack the green pigs, using a different Angry Birds’ character, and destroying them. Ultimately, at the conclusion of each level, the birds are brought closer to their eggs, which were stolen by the pigs.  In order to hit the pig, one must use the angry bird character as a projectile; however, that process is not always easy.  In fact, I had my share of resets within the Angry Birds’ games because I could not hit the pig correctly, or aim my bird between bricks and other obstacles. But there is more to this game than hitting a pig.

There are many components of Physics within the game, which one must recall in order to effectively win each level of the Angry Birds’ game. If one looks closely, the science of Physics can be used to navigate various levels in the Angry Birds’ game in order to win.

Using graphics, which draw in the gamers, I am sure all who have played Angry Birds, have garnered an improved outlook on successfully winning the game, while unbeknownst to them becoming an improved Physics student. Even if one has never studied Physics, this game can be used to familiarize the player with the ability to apply known Physics terms and equations, ranging from Kinematics to force.

To be fair, there is a lot to playing video games, or any other gaming program. We must understand, as consumers, science and engineering are involved in all aspects of creating these pleasantries, we leisurely indulge in. But the lesson in playing is that just as there is science, which is used to design the game, there is science we either consciously or subconsciously apply to succeeding in these games.

Thus “The Physics of Angry Birds” is a concept all people, can understand, and whether those are interested in, or have already studied Physics, applications of this science only helps to better comprehend it. So, it’s nice we can do so while having fun!


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