Learning through Generations

We must resist the urge to be impermeable to change. Learning must be transparent throughout generations. In a world constantly moving, we seem eager to ignore lessons from the past. Thus, what can we do as a population, to ensure we are preserving education through generations?

You can always learn from someone younger or older than you, there should never be a barrier, whether physical or invisible, to learning. The failures from our past prepare us for a better future. When thinking about scientific advances from the past, I admire inventors of that time, like: Dr. George Washington Carver, Lewis Latimer, Thomas Edison and others, who used their minds to create meritorious discoveries for future generations. Whether they knew their inventions would impact students like me and beyond, did not matter, as they helped to engineer our future.

Each generation must understand the necessity of being an engineer for their future. Our ancestors left blueprints for us to use, as guides towards advancing ourselves. Blueprints, which allowed us to move from the rotatory phone to the smart phone, so we can remain in touch with the world around us. Whatever the catalyst, we as a society must learn change is not a problem; especially change that benefits us as a whole.

To be better, we must remove the mental chains on change, as allowing them to remain only places a damper on ingenuity. Change is the creative genius, which gives our youth confidence and keeps cultures and communities at the forefront of future success.

By eliminating the barriers between generations, and learning from great visionaries of the past, we will continue to excel towards the greatness they expect of us.





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