Excited for Basketball Night at the Barclays!


Excited for The Cush Center for Learning, Inc. Basketball Night at the Barclays Center! Can’t wait to reward our scholars watching the Brooklyn Nets and Washington Wizards! #Brooklyn #fun🙂



Support The Cush Center for Learning, this Giving Tuesday!

During #GivingTuesday we need all of our supporters to donate and help bring The Cush Center for Learning to new heights. Make your tax-deductible donation today, and help us foster the next generation of innovators!



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Thank you!


Day Two of S.T.E.A.M Night Out!


Thank you Dr. Clifford Stark of Sports Medicine at Chelsea and to 5x NBA champ Ron Harper @hollywood_harp for sharing your story and supporting The Cush Center for Learning! #NBACares


Me and Ron Harper!


Thank you to Ms. Mari Kimura @JuilliardSchool, for coming out today and teaching the kids about Art and Music…we loved your exciting presentation on subharmonics!



And don’t forget to check out Mari’s new CD, Voyage Apollonian, in stores January 2017!


Excellent segment by Dr. Bennett; the students are showing how stress on suspension bridges, affects their function…a great demonstration of interactive learning! Very informative!


Having fun with the Beekman School and learning about bridges in New York State, with Dr. Bennett!

And don’t forget to grab a copy of Dr. Bennett’s book, Anatomy of a Model Student…available now!


Thank you to Dr. Tyrone Bennett, at Math Infusion, for coming to STEAM Night Out and teaching the kids on how to be a model student and about Engineering!

Dr. Stark and Ron Harper, talking to the kids about Science and Sports Medicine, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Dr. Stark’s book, Living with Sports Injuries…great read for us medical students and future clinicians!


Me and Dr. Clifford Stark!


Excellent book  by another brilliant osteopathic physician, also of Sports Medicine at Chelsea, Dr. Naresh Rao’s Step Up Your Game, reveals how remarkable success is available to athletes with the conviction and desire to improve! Available now and at a Barnes and Noble near you!

Thanks Jessa from Procreate Coffee, for coming out again…loving the latte art, as you teach the kids, from Democracy Prep Charter Middle School, about the Science and Artistry of STEAMing Milk!


Loving the student participation of our young scholars!


THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR COMING to STEAM Night Out 2016…until next year!


Day One of S.T.E.A.M Night Out!


Thank you @DPCharterMiddle @BeekmanSchool for coming out to DAY ONE of STEAM Night Out! You all asked great questions…I can’t wait to inspire more young minds tomorrow!


Shout out to The Beekman School, Ms. Vanilla Macias-Rodriguez and the Benevolent Bluejays for helping us out both days of STEAM Night Out! Your participation and support helped our event go smoothly!


Thank you Rachel @TitmouseInc for teaching the kids about Math and Animation, you were excellent!123_1-2

Thank you Raul Tinybop, Inc.for teaching the kids about Apps and Technology, we loved the presentation today, until next year!


Working with a student, while teaching the Science of STEAMing Milk segment, thank you Jessa from Procreate Coffee, for coming out today, I can’t wait to see day two of your presentation!

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Until tomorrow!