Day One of S.T.E.A.M Night Out!


Thank you @DPCharterMiddle @BeekmanSchool for coming out to DAY ONE of STEAM Night Out! You all asked great questions…I can’t wait to inspire more young minds tomorrow!


Shout out to The Beekman School, Ms. Vanilla Macias-Rodriguez and the Benevolent Bluejays for helping us out both days of STEAM Night Out! Your participation and support helped our event go smoothly!


Thank you Rachel @TitmouseInc for teaching the kids about Math and Animation, you were excellent!123_1-2

Thank you Raul Tinybop, Inc.for teaching the kids about Apps and Technology, we loved the presentation today, until next year!


Working with a student, while teaching the Science of STEAMing Milk segment, thank you Jessa from Procreate Coffee, for coming out today, I can’t wait to see day two of your presentation!

Processed with Snapseed.

Until tomorrow!



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