Day One of S.T.E.A.M Night Out!


Thank you @DPCharterMiddle @BeekmanSchool for coming out to DAY ONE of STEAM Night Out! You all asked great questions…I canโ€™t wait to inspire more young minds tomorrow!


Shout out to The Beekman School, Ms. Vanilla Macias-Rodriguez and the Benevolent Bluejays for helping us out both days of STEAM Night Out! Your participation and support helped our event go smoothly!


Thank you Rachel @TitmouseInc for teaching the kids about Math and Animation, you were excellent!123_1-2

Thank you Raul Tinybop, Inc.for teaching the kids about Apps and Technology, we loved the presentation today, until next year!


Working with a student, while teaching the Science of STEAMing Milk segment, thank you Jessa from Procreate Coffee, for coming out today, I can’t wait to see day two of your presentation!

Processed with Snapseed.

Until tomorrow!



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