🔬📚The Cush Center Supports the USTA!🎾🏆

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As a youth I had the opportunity to attend Tennis Camp during summers @usta National Tennis 🎾 Center so as the Chairwoman of @cushcenter I am honored 🌟to support @tnnskids @usta and the youth tennis programs supported by @usopen 🎾which serve to get our students active and involved with tennis in their communities!

@cushcenter would like to thank Ms. Katrina Adams, Chairwoman, CEO and President of @usta for her support and say thank you to her team for their efforts with their programs, keep up the great work!👍🏽🎾👍🏽

For more information on the NJTL programs, in NYC, visit the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program, see link here➡️: http://www.hjtep.org

And for the New York Junior Tennis and Learning Network programs, @nyjtl, see link here➡️: http://www.nyjtl.org

@cushcenter reminds everyone to stay healthy❤️ and active during summer and stay involved with sports in your communities, thank you 😊

#usta #usopen2017🎾#billiejeankingtenniscenter#sportsinthecommunity #stayactive#stayhealthy
#instahealth #instasport #nyjtl#arthurashestadium#arthurashekidsday2017 #nyc🗽
#nycevents #supportagoodcause#womenwhowork #womeninsports#cushcentersupports

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